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Block Paved Driveway in Essex

Recently in Essex, Bennet’s Contracting have undertaken multiple new jobs and clients. One of these jobs was a new driveway for a lovely family home in Essex. Our client was very pleased with the results as they matched up perfectly with his vision.

Initially, the team were tasked with removing the existing front garden. As seen in the ‘Before & After’ slider below, there was a fair amount of debris, along with the old driveway and patch of grass. The team quickly and neatly cleared the bushes, dug up the lawn, broke up the concrete and deconstructed the existing stone wall.

After clearing, the team began work on laying the grey bricks to form the new driveway. The team added some extra depth to the project by utilising light grey bricks to construct a border. This aligned with the client’s vision and they were extrwemely pleased with the workmanship of the team.